Minutes of the QDVA Annual General Meeting held April 16, 2014


Convened at the Belleville Club.


Members in attendance:

Dr. Suzanne Lane, Dr. Andrea Wernham, Dr. Adrianna Sage, Dr. Koos Toxopeus, Dr. Kristina Bennett, Dr. Clare Craig, Dr. Chiemi Ogawa, Dr. Naomi Scromeda, Dr. Vince Politi, Dr. Linda Hack, Dr. Kim Drysdale, Dr. Jinni Demine and Dr. Fiona Gilchrist and others.

1/ President’s address

Dr. Adrianna Sage, current president, brought the meeting to order.

2/ Treasurer’s report

Treasurer, Dr. Scromeda, reported that the association currently has approximately $18,000 in the bank. We will ask Dr. Olga Peck to audit the financial records again as she did such a good job last year. A review of the records by someone outside of the executive is required by the QDVA constitution.

3/ Membership fees

A motion was made by Dr. Bennett to increase membership fees by $5 to $65. The late fee of $90 was also proposed to go up to $95. The motion was seconded by Dr. Toxopeus and passed unanimously.

4/ Review of Past Season

It was noted that, in terms of attendance, this has been our most successful season to date. Dr. Gilchrist commented that although the venue is somewhat limiting in terms of capacity, it functions well for current events and managing larger crowds could be too much work for a volunteer board to manage.

5/ CE certificates

Valerie Gauweiler, an RVT from Napanee Veterinary Hospital, has kindly volunteered to help provide CE certificates for technicians attending our events. Ms. Gauweiler was introduced at the meeting.

As a bit of background, an agreement was reached last year with the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians to provide official continuing education credits for members attending QDVA meetings. We have not been able to find anyone until now to provide certificates for attendees.

6/ Suggestions for CE topics and speakers

We will look into producing an online survey to solicit topic suggestions from members. This will be discussed further at the executive committee’s summer planning meeting.

7/ Election of executive

All of the existing executive have agreed to stay on for another term. Their appointments were moved by Dr. Drysdale and seconded by Dr. Hack. The motion past unanimously.

The QDVA executive for 2014/15 will be:

President Dr. Adrianna Sage

Vice President Dr. Suzanne Lane

Past President Dr. Vince Politi

Treasurer Dr. Naomi Scromeda

Director of Continuing Education Dr. Kristina Bennett

Secretary Dr. Jinni Demine

Kingston Liason Dr. Koos Toxopeus

Director of Communications Dr. Fiona Gilchrist

8/Date and location of executive summer planning meeting

The meeting was set for Wednesday, June 4th at 18:30, location TBA.

9/New business

We discussed Dr. Craig’s efforts with public relations advertising in the Belleville/Quinte area and it was agreed to further review our involvement at the upcoming executive meeting.


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