Fear Free™: Taking the Pet out of Petrified! 6.00 pm, Wed, 10/02/2016

Bloom-205x205Dr. Jonathan Bloom is a practice owner in Toronto, Ontario who is on a mission to make Fear-Free veterinary visits a reality for pets. Dr. Bloom is outspoken about the need, and his message is eye-opening.

The “Fear Free” program is borne out of the fact that many people have come to associate the veterinary hospital as a place where fear and pain are front and center for their beloved pets. And if they think the visit will be too hard on their pet, too hard on them or both, it could be a potential deal-breaker for them—and bond-breaker for the clinic.


Dr. Bloom will show you how turning a trip to the veterinarian into a positive Fear Free™ experience can:

  • Transform patient interactions by putting pets and owners at ease
  • Increase your profit center by boosting return visits
  • Differentiate your practice to fill your appointment schedule
  • Elevate staff loyalty by offering a safer work environment


You may have heard of this program before if you have attended any of the USA conferences as Dr. Marty Becker,  the USA veterinarian who is spear-heading this venture there, has spoken  in several events.  The program is very well received as an opportunity for practices to tap into an opportunity to differentiate themselves, gain new customers and keep them coming back.

This talk is fully sponsored by Boehringer




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